Summit Cam is a new Panasonic outdoor webcam that provides live video and is both pan and tilt controlled over the internet.  I am using model KX-HCM230  .  The camera is mounted on a post facing the front of the construction site on the Guest Studio side by the construction trailer.  Here is a picture of the camera and mounting prior to shipment to Colorado.    The weatherproof box under the camera houses the power transformer and GFI outlet for camera power.  The camera is provided with a plastic sun shield, but I constructed a small aluminum "roof" to shed some of the snow.  Luckily the camera is facing away from the prevailing winds. 

Soon after installation, we found that the camera would lock up because of low temperature, mostly at night but sometimes even during the day.  I ordered a 150 Watt ceramic heating bulb and hung it under the camera assembly and we have been trouble free since.  Here is the link to the heater http://store.yahoo.com/heatersplus/escerinheate.html.

Once the house is framed we plan to convert to wireless operation so the SummitCam  can be moved inside to view interior construction. 


The camera feeds live video but some networks won't accept the feed, especially if they use a proxy server.  The snapshot page is a workaround for this problem.

I am also capturing a snapshot everyday in order to create a timelapse video of the construction.  I will post this at appropriate intervals during the construction.

After we move in, SummitCam will become WildlifeCam aimed towards the rear of the property to capture the migrating, mule dear, elk, and black bear that frequent the wildlife corridor from the 3 million acres of White River National Forest land at the end of our street.  We'll probably install an IR sensor to trigger the camera to take snapshots along with it's continuous video feed.  But first, we need to get the house built!