Calamity  was brought home on 12/22/99.  We had wanted a boy and were going to name him Wyatt.  Having a girl is probably for the best as it puts our household back in "balance".  Calamity's  "official AKC name is Fitzarran Ophelia (click for  pedigree) .  Interestingly,  her father (US Ch. Fitzarran Shadowfax) is also her great grandfather as she comes from his frozen semen as part of a line breeding practice of this kennel.  The Deemers and their Fitzarran kennel are quite well known in Irish Wolfhound circles and we feel fortunate to have a pup from their line (click book cover for info. on Fitzarran and Shadowfax).  

I will update this page with pictures as Caly grows as well as keep her height and weight as compared to other hounds, including our own.

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With Sibs @ 11Wks Coming home @15Wks With Troop @15Wks Murph's Spot 16Wks
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Park 18 Wks 18 Wks & 60#'s 20 Wks Park 28 Wks 1st Birthday