Trail Rides and Wyatt Stuff (click on thumbnail)

Piney River Piney Drink Stop Shrine Pass Lunch Shrine Pass Nap Shrine Pass Wildflowers
Scott's Eagle Rock Ranch Chinese Wall - Flattops Indian Paintbrush Mother Lode Sheep - Flattops Red Creek Ride preamble
Red Creek - Rebel Red Creek Red Creek - Apple Sharing Red Creek - Trail Clearing Wyatt loose reigns
Squaw Creek - Wyatt Lunch Squaw Creek riders Sweetwater to Stillwater Hobbled Horses Sweetwater Lunch on Moraine
Sarah snooze 15 mile bonding ride Emily loves Wyatt Wyatt loves Emily Iron Edge Trail near 12K ft.
Bob's Iron Edge descent Lake Charles lunch Beaver Creek RedTable Summit over 12K ft. Wyatt CSU examination
Susan 1 Susan 2 Link to Kodak for Nellies Prints Nellies Descent Nellies Nipple Lunch
Piney 06 Piney 06 Piney 06 Piney 06 Nellies 06
Nellies 06 Nellies 06 Nellies 06 Sylvan Lake 06 Sylvan Lake 06
Sylvan Lake 06