VAIL 2000 3/3 - 3/16

We enjoyed 13 days of great family & friends and probably the best spring conditions we've ever experienced.  

Week 1

We skied with our friends Travis (my workmate) & Julie who were sharing a condo with their friends from P&G, Mike & Helane.  We skied Vail except for Friday when we went toGroup1-label.jpg (44590 bytes) Beaver Creek to enjoy 14 inches of fresh powder.   We hit all the top restaurants including our first ever trip to the Game Creek Lodge which sits on top of the mountain and is accessible via snow cat.  We were having so much fun that even the news of P&G's stock tumble hardly effected us.  

Week 2

Friday marked the arrival of Mike, his fraternity brothers (Adam/roommate, Will, Langden, Mike, Mark) along with the first night stay of Andee (Mike's girlfriend).  This made for an interesting arrangement since we hadn't yet moved into our bigger condo.  The next night, 3Group-label2.jpg (55021 bytes) of Andee's friends stayed as well on their way to Aspen....that makes 12 on Saturday.  We were only 7 strong most of the week.  We had a 2 bedroom plus a loft so we actually had plenty of room.  The Miami crew met up with several other brothers who were staying with parents elsewhere in Vail.  We had our 2-way radios working overtime.

Geo and his family were there the same week and we all skied together off and on during the week.  Phyl invited everyone over for cocktails one evening which was a big hit with the food and beer.

Lots of skiing without incident until the last afternoon when Mike broke his thumb playing000316-1621-04comp.jpg (32939 bytes) follow the leader in Blue Sky Basin with Joyce, Andee and dad.  Through the trees and over a little bump that turned out to be a rock about 8 feet above the catwalk below.  Mike was splattered with equipment everywhere (yard sale).  I was so worried, I didn't even take a picture.

We had a late flight on Saturday so we traveled to Leadville and Minturn to do a little cowboy shopping.