DAKO Nikita Loki of Evans (aka Niki)

Niki came home on February 25th, 2000.  She is a Bouvier de Flanders, born December 15, 1999 by sire AKC/UKC CH U-CD B Whichn's Life of Reilly and dam DAKO Teddibeara.  Reilly is from Centerville Ohio (close to where I grew up) and Teddy lives in Gig Harbor, not far from where I live now.

The name Nikita was inspired by the classic Luc Besson film, La Femme NikitaLoki is the Norse trickster fire god, fulfilling the breeder's requirement for each littermate to have 'earth, wind, or fire' association in the formal name.  The story gets interesting as in Norse mythology, Loki is good buddies with giant Odin.  And one of my favorite dogs, Irish Wolfhound Bailey, had 'Odin' in her formal name.

More soon...

Short video of some of the litter at 10 weeks.

4 days old 4 days old One of the littermates at 21 days
4 weeks old Niki at 7 weeks Niki at 10 weeks
Nikita's first bath at 12 weeks 14 Weeks 4 Months with the Tulips
Niki and me!