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Carriage House - Tomorrows Heirlooms

It's not clear whether this was built with the original house or with the c.1910 addition.  The wooden floor and sliding doors of the right side argue for the former as it would have been to house carriages.  However the carriage house is not visible in the original house photo and the facade detailing closely matches that of the kitchen addition, so I suspect it was built slightly later than the main house.  The second floor may have housed a servant who took care of transportation.  It has two bedrooms, a bath and a large loft with sink.  The entire building is heated by a small boiler in the basement under the right side.

Renovation of the carriage house was our top priority (right after the second floor laundry) because the building was home to Tomorrows Heirlooms with work in progress.  The shop was completely wired and back in operation within about two weeks after our move including replacing the boiler tubes which had broken from a freeze.  Painting and fabricating a new ionic pilaster capital for above the north front dormer  were the only cosmetic renovations to the building.  Several people have called us asking to rent a room above the carriage house and many such buildings in the neighborhood have been sold and converted to houses.  It has about 3000 sq.ft. of living space.

All of the stationary woodworking equipment is located in the carriage wing with dust collection and compressed air coming from equipment in the basement below.  Wood racks, and assembly workbenches are located in the garage side in front of the car bays which are deep enough to easily accommodate shop plus cars.  Only at the completion of a full kitchen did we have to leave cars out of the garage.  Water and gas come from the main house, but electricity comes in from a separate transformer and meter.  We added an auxiliary ceiling mounted gas furnace for rapid heat recovery when the door was opened.

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Carriage House today Missing Ionic Capital Garage before shop
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Carriage side before shop Loft today Stationary equip side
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Stationary equip side Assembly Side Saw/Shaper dust collector