Scott in Seattle  (Link to all Pics)

Before Mike left for camp we took a long weekend to visit with Scott in Seattle.  It was great to see Scott so energized about his work at Microsoft, enjoying our grandpuppy (Niki) and making new plans.  It was wonderful having our sons together and giving Mike the opportunity to experience his brother's environment.  Here is a rundown on the trip.

We arrived Thursday morning  and after a quick lunch with Scott, headed downtown to show Mike the sights.  Our primary objective was000512-2148-35comp.jpg (50159 bytes) the huge REI store where Mike used his Christmas gift certificate to buy a stove for camp.  That night we took Niki to the local dogpark then had dinner together and got a demo of the famous home theater shared by Scott and his two roommates.

Friday, Mike and I took the tour of the Boeing factory in Everett where the widebody jets are assembled.  Joyce spent the time shopping since she was still recovering from an inner ear infection and wasn't completely recovered.  We spent some time at the Microsoft store stocking up on shirts, hats, etc.  We also had the opportunity to join Scott at a celebration of his building residents that occurs every Friday during a ship period and once a month during development.  The contrast to P&G was extreme as the rock band (all MS employees)WIM-pancomp.jpg (28665 bytes) 000512-2027-47comp.jpg (35046 bytes) played and the beer and wine flowed.  Mike got a kick out of the visit to Scott's office and a look around his building.  Afterwards, we all had dinner at Redmond Square and planned the next day's trip to Mt. St. Helens.  Meanwhile, 000514-2229-21comp.jpg (29336 bytes)back at the house, Scott's roommate and several noteables in the video world were conducting a hi-tech DVD "shootoff" for publishing in Secrets of Home Theater and Hi Fidelity.  

Saturday was a full day of driving and learning about Mt. St. Helens on the 20th anniversary of the eruption.  This was great for Mike who has 000513-1751-12comp.jpg (20803 bytes) an interest in geology.  He was fond of telling us about the tectonic plates that are the basis for all mountains and volcanoes.  Niki came with us and was good company...she's a great pup.  We had a pizza for dinner back in Redmond.

Sunday we visited Pike St. Market and spent time on the waterfront.  I enjoyed my traditional Cherry and White 000511-1939-35comp.jpg (57188 bytes)Chocolate Piroshky.  After another visit to the dogpark, we came back downtown so the000514-2043-44comp.jpg (27517 bytes) "boys" could go to gameworks while Joyce did her last bit of shopping.  The plan was to eat on the wharf and then attend the most hi-tech theater in the world....built by Paul Allen (MS co-founder). 000515-0101-17comp.jpg (26555 bytes) Unfortunately, the early show was sold out so Scott and I returned for the 10:30 show getting me back for bed at 1:30 so I could get up at 4:30 for our 6:20 flight.  Mike didn't come to the show because he was going to drive to Cleveland on our return to visit with his true love, Andee.

We arrived back in Cincinnati at 2:30 about an hour late.  Mike headed off to Cleveland, Joyce started unpacking, and I wrote this.